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Spectrum Building Envelope Consultants, LLC

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Spectrum Building Envelope Consulting, LLC (Spectrum) is a small, family-owned business that specializes in roof consulting, but also provides services in other related building envelope fields. Spectrum personnel have over 30 years of experience in the building envelope field, maintaining and increasing their proficiency and knowledge through seminars and classes, as well as active participation with industry peers. Spectrum does not manufacture, sell or install any building envelope materials, but objectively uses its expertise and knowledge to educate their clients and get the best system to suit their clients’ individual needs.

Spectrum strives to produce quality products for its clients in the most efficient manner, and is highly adaptable as new methods become available or as client needs dictate. Although roof consulting does not typically have any specific means to further the “green building” aspirations of the construction industry, all of Spectrum’s deliverables are currently electronic in . PDF format (unless a hard copy is requested by the client), making Spectrum almost fully paperless. Not only does this process save trees and energy, it ultimately gets deliverables to the client faster, saves our clients’ money, and assists many of them in their goals to becoming paperless, as well.