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Awesome Services

Like many small businesses, we rely on many different services to keep our company working smoothly. Below are a few of those services - If you're a business of <5 people and need new services, check them out.

MX Guarddog

We were getting a sickening amount of spam in 2014, which prompted looking into better options. We stumbled across MX Guarddog, which provides an excellent junk email filter. Best part: If you put a link like this on a public facing website, you can earn free tokens to pay for the service with. It's cost us about $5 since 2015.

Office 365

Office365 is a fantastic resource for small businesses. In a time when having a domain for business email can make people take you less seriously, it's important to have a business email on a professional domain. Setting up a mail server yourself isn't really secure, and services like InMotion or other generic email / web hosting package vendors provide a much less robust solution than Office365.

Google Cloud

Our website is hosted on Google Cloud. They have a free tier, which is more than enough for a low tier web server. Great for smaller businesses that don't generate any revenue from their websites, but still need to have a web presense.

Infrastructure Endorsements